1.Choose Wisely

Just because its there and or easily accessible doesn’t mean you need to eat it, when you first arrive at a holiday event that provides a great selection of food and drink, be sure to peruse your options first before digging in. If you plan to indulge, choose items that are only prepared on these special occasions but be sure to limit the portion. There is nothing wrong with eating your favorite holiday treats, just be sure to do it in moderation.

2.Pay Attention

With all those festive treats right in front of your eyes its often easy to overeat. Eat slowly and listen to your hunger cues. If you are truly not hungry, avoid second helpings. A great way to ensure you don’t overindulge is to keep track of your daily macros.


3.If You Haven’t Already Get Yourself A Workout Buddy

It’s easy to cancel a workout when you’re letting nobody down but yourself, but by having a workout buddy you’re less likely to skip out on any workouts. Not only that, you’re less likely to want to! Having a workout partner makes any workout more fun plus you’ll be motivated to push yourself harder… especially if they’re fitter than you.

4.Limit Liquid Calories

Liquid calories are by far the wort types of calories you can consume, they provide next to zero nutritional benefit. A lot of people love a drink at holiday events, and there is no problem with that! Just be sure to keep liquid calories in check, alternate water and an alcoholic or sweetened beverage. You will be sure to stay hydrated and not go overboard on the calories.

5. Out of Sight, Out of Mind

It is sometimes impossible to resist those left over Christmas cookies, so just be sure to keep in mind the saying “out of sight, out of mind.” If these items are easily accessible to you, it makes you more likely to give in and eat them. Be sure to limit yourself to those leftover treats and unhealthy snacks at home, this will ensure you maintain your weight during the holidays.

6.Start A Routine

Any workout routine gets old after a while, and whilst you can set yourself different goals to achieve each week, there’s something about having a program to follow and ultimately complete that really makes you focus and feel motivated.

start-a-fitness-routine_1024x1024Source: ASD Performance


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