Holiday Champagne Cocktails And Punch!

So the holidays have officially began and only few days until Christmas Day and New Years Eve, we decided to ease the stress of party planning by creating a list of Holiday Champagne Cocktails and Punch in the merry spirits of the festive holidays that you should definitely try!

Here’s our picks:

Cashew Nut Nog


In a classic case of more is more, a beach-ball- size bowl of eggnog turns any house into a holiday central. Get the recipe here.

Sparkling Pear and Cranberry Cocktail


This cocktail is made with icy Moscato d’Asti, which is sweeter than champagne but much lighter than the rich dessert wine also made from Italian Moscato grapes. Just the right medium for this fizzy drink, it adds flavor to the silky pear and tart cranberries. Get the recipe here.

Champagne Cocktail


Add a bit of angostura bitters and lemon garnish to your sparkling wine for a perfect holiday beverage. Get the recipe here.

Sparkling Julep


Mint Julep + bubbly? This cocktail recipe combines the two delicious classics and is the ultimate way to celebrate. Get the recipe here.

Sorbet and Champagne Cocktail


The Champagne cocktail, an instant mood lightener, was the official drink of the “bright young things” who flitted through the novels of Evelyn Waugh. In this version, a scoop of sorbet takes the place of the traditional sugar and bitters and turns this classic into a delicious holiday slush. Get the recipe here.

Cran Royale


Cranberries are festive. The color red is festive. Sparkling wine? Also festive. This drink is basically as festive as you’re going to get without a miniature wreath hanging off of every stemmed glass. It’s a perfect balance of sweet and tart to even out the dryness of the Champagne. Get the recipe here.

Under- The-Mistletoe Punch


This punch recipe easily scales down by half, or even all the way to festive drinks for two. Get the recipe here.

Raspberry Cooler


A little raspberry sorbet imparts a lively flavor and beautiful rosy color to a flute of sparkling wine. Get the recipe here.

Pineapple Coconut Champagne Cocktail


The pina colada up it’s class with this champagne variation. Get the recipe here.

Christmas Rum Punch


A dash of seasonal cinnamon ensures this refreshing rum punch recipe from Locanda Verde bartender Naren Young will be a welcome addition to any holiday party. Get the recipe here.

Caribbean Sorrel Cocktail


From St. Vincent and the Grenadines to Trinidad and Tobago, Jamaica and Guyana…basically all Caribbean countries host the famous Caribbean Sorrel Cocktail. It’s not a West Indies Christmas without Sorrel! Get similar recipe here.

Mulled Wine


When the temperature drops, there’s only one thing to do: grab a chunky knit sweater and a bucket-sized serving of this toasty mulled wine. Get the recipe here.



Fluffy beaten egg whites make this eggnog recipe lighter and easier to drink than a cup of cream and booze has any right to be. Get the recipe here.

Blood Orange Sangria


RockSugar uses the juice of calamansi, a delicious but hard-to-find citrus fruit. We approximated its flavor with a mix of other citrus. Get the recipe here.

Ponche De Crème


If you like eggnog, you will love this Caribbean twist to an old time favorite. This will definitely keep you warm on these cold winter nights. Get the recipe here.

Mulled White Wine Sangria


Punch is easier to prepare than individual cocktails — especially when entertaining a crowd. Get the recipe here.

Cherry Thyme Cocktail


Enjoy this creative and mouthwatering cocktail during the holidays by BakedBree. Get the recipe here.

Christmas Cheer Prosecco Cocktail


Any cocktail that is red in colour has to be right for Christmas! Another easy one that you make in a jug so great if you have a few people around. Get the recipe here.

The Blackberry Ombre Sparkler


The Cookie Rookie initially posted this unique and refreshing cocktail as a Valentine’s Day treat but we thought of how cool this will be throughout the holidays maybe at a Christmas House Party or a New Years Eve. Get the recipe here.

Cranberry Champagne Cocktail


Start the Christmas off right with a refreshing and tasteful Cranberry Champagne Cocktail. Get the recipe here.

Reindeer Bubbles Cocktail


This colorful and fizzy champagne drink will delight all your holiday guests. Get the recipe here.










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